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Frontier District

Frontier Extension District Master Gardeners

2020 Extension Master Gardener Training

KSRE Master Gardener

The next Master Gardener Training program will begin in January 2020.  More information will be available in the Fall of 2019.  

2019 Extension Master Gardener Training

Master Gardeners are a vital part of K-State Research and Extension. Donating time in return for horticultural training, Master Gardeners help our county agents meet the need for horticultural information in their communities.

Who can become a Master Gardener?  Anyone with an interest in horticulture can apply for the Extension Master Gardener Program. If you want to improve your skills and knowledge and you like to work with people, the Extension Master Gardener Program may be for you.  You need to be available for about 40 to 50 hours of daytime training classes during your first year.  You must have at least a High School Diploma or the equivalent.  

Master Gardeners Volunteers are asked to give back 40 hours of service and education after completing the training.  Some of these projects may include assisting at the Garden Show, helping with county landscaping plantings, teaching youth about gardening or manning an Extension Horticulture Hotline.

 2019 Feb Master Gardener Meeting 2019 Feb Master Gardener Meeting

2019 March Master Gardener Mtg 2019 Master Gardener Class

The 2019 Frontier Extension District Extension Master Gardener Program has been completed.  The next Master Gardener Program will begin in January 2020.  

Frontier Extension District Master Gardener Brochure

2019 Master Gardener Training Days & Courses

Date & Location



Introduction to Botany & Wildlife Management

  • Theo Michaels, Kansas University, Soils
  • Charlie Lee, KSU Wildlife Specialist



Annual & Perennial Plants Landscape Maintenance

  • Dennis Patton, Johnson Co. Hort. Agent



Vegetables, Entomology, Pesticides and Their Uses

  • Travis Carmichael, Lyon Co. Hort. Agent - Vegetables
  • Raymond Cloyd, KSU Entomologist



Fruit Production, Bulbs, and Landscape Design

  • Guest Speaker: Bill Shipp, Master Gardener - Bulbs



Lawn Care, Woody & Grassy Ornamentals, Trees

  • Jason Griffin - Shrubs/Woody Ornamentals



What We Do as Master Gardeners - Graduation

Master Gardener Training Locations

  • Lyndon Extension District, 128 W. 15th St., Lyndon, KS
  • Ottawa City Hall, 101 S. Hickory St., Ottawa, KS


EMG Volunteer Hour Reporting

Online State Secure System - preferred

Soils Lesson Plans

What is Soil?

Soil Texture by Measurement

Soil Erosion Demonstration

Soil Testing and Using Fertilization Recommendations

Land Use Classification

USLE (Universal Soil Loss Equation) Activity


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