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Educational Videos

Electric Fencing Videos

Electric fencing is an effective way to control livestock on most farms.  It offers two major advantages over other types of fencing, cost, and ease of construction.  When purchasing components for your fence, buy the best quality that you can find, something that will last the life of the fence.  Approach electric fence construction with the same frame of mind and the same skills as you would with any electrical wiring.  Getting shocked by a low impedance charger won't kill you, but you may think you're dead.


Electric Fencing - Episode 1 

Electric Fencing Charging Systems - Episode 2 

Electric Fencing Ground Systems - Episode 3

Electric Fencing Lightning Protection - Epsisode 4

Electric Fencing Permanent Fence - Episode 5 

Electric Fencing Tools & Accesories - Episode 6 

Electric Fencing Temporary Fencing - Episode 7 

Electric Fencing and Gates - Episode 8 

Electric Fencing Corner Posts - Episode 9 

Vaccines: Handle with Care Educational Video

A strong vaccination program can have a sizable impact on a cattle herd, saving money and improving the herd's health. This publication highlights how to transport, store and use vaccines properly. It also provides step-by-step instructions for constructing a cooler to keep vaccines the proper temperature while being used.

Vaccines: Handle with Care Publication


Buck Brush Control


KSRE Beef Cattle Videos

KSU Beef

Beef Cattle Pregnancy Analytical App (2:30 min.)

Pregnancy Analytics Phone App: K-State Veterinarian, Bob Larson, explains how it helps collect herd preg-check data at chute-side for instant recording and analysis.

Click on the video name below to view on YouTube.

Breeding Soundness Exams (3:28 min.)
Angus VNR: Mind Your Management (2:32 min.)
Retaining Heifer Calves (2:57 min.)
Implants for Suckling Calves  (3:33 min.)
How to Better the Cowherd (3:04 min.)
Two-Stage Weaning (2:31 min.)
Temple Grandin on Stockmanship (2:54 min.)
Managing Livestock in Winter (2:58 min.)
Livestock BioSecurity (3:02 min.)
Breeding Soundness Exams (3:28 min.)