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Prescribed Burn Workshop - 3/6/19

Land & Leasing Meeting - 3/4/19

Farm Truck Regulations - 2/6/19


Beef Cattle Reproduction Series Handouts

OWB #1 OWB 2

Osage & Coffey County Conservation Districts along with KSRE units teamed up to inform the public about Old World Bluestem (OWB) on October 8, 2018.  The meeting took place at a pasture site in southern Osage County.  Two local producers discussed their control applications. Walt Fick, KSU Range Management Specialist, talked about the origin of OWB, why we should be concerned, plant identification, and outlined control options. Scott Marsh, Kansas Department of Ag Plant Protection and Weed Control, gave the states current view of OWB as a possible noxious weed. Robert Harkrader, with Quail Unlimited, discussed how it negatively affects the quail population.