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Frontier District

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#StrongFamilies Challenge

“Nothing in the world could make human life happier than to greatly increase the number of happy couples and families”. David R. Mace 

Families, in all their diverse sizes, patterns, colors and beliefs are the heart and soul of societies. All families have strengths and healthy families are at the core of healthy societies. Frontier District families, show us your strengths! We know that you are spending a considerable amount of time together and although there are challenges, you are building strengths. Show us how you are enhancing your family’s strengths by participating in our #StrongFamilies Challenge weekly, for the next six weeks.  

Qualities of Strong Families 

  • Enjoyable time together 

  • Appreciation and affection 

  • Positive communication 

  • Effective stress management and crisis management 

  • Commitment  

  • Spiritual well-being

 #StrongFamilies Challenge Introduction Video

Winners of Week 5

Effective Stress & Crisis Management

Gift card sponsored by Midland Genetics

 Week 5 Winners

Winners of Week 4

#StrongFamilies Challenge - Appreciation

Gift card sponsored by Jeff & Karen Gillespie

Week 4 Winners

Winners of Week 3

#StrongFamilies Challenge - Positive Communication

Gift card sponsored by Ed & Peggy Tucker

Week 3 Winners

Winners of Week 2

#StrongFamilies Challenge - Commitment

Gift card sponsored by Larry & Fran Richmond

 Week 2 Winners

Winners of Week 1

#StrongFamilies Challenge - Spending Time Together

Gift card sponsored by John & Rebecca McFarland

Week 1 Winners