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Frontier District

I Want to Participate in Ripples of Changetogether we succeed

  • Do you find yourself not being able to pay your bills?

  • Do you wish you had a better paying job?

  • Do you need a better outlook on life and a hand-up?

  • Would you rather be thriving, instead of just surviving?

  • Would you like support in your life to assist you in identifying and achieving your money, educational, employment, or relationship goals?

You may qualify to become a participant. Participants are low income individuals (and their families) who have the determination and dedication to break the cycle of generational poverty. 

"Ripples of Change is like family and provides a support group. Children are welcome with childcare provided. A free meal is provided each week and everyone dines together. Participants learn about community resources that are available, they network, receive education on how to succeed and get tips on things like parenting and relationships.It allows participants to dream by helping them develop goals to attain their dreams. It provides hope through positive encouragement, increased self-esteem and dignity."    Participant

Participant Referral Form

Participant Job Description

You will begin your journey out of poverty by participating in a 12-week Getting Ahead class. Two Getting Ahead sessions are held annually. During Getting Ahead you will explore poverty through the lens of economic class in a 12-week Getting Ahead class. We investigate the impact that poverty and low wages have on us and what it takes to move out of poverty ("getting by") to "getting ahead". In Getting Ahead you are the expert in regarding your life. No one is going to tell you what to do or think. We will also learn and discuss:

  • causes of poverty
  • hidden rules of class
  • the importance of language
  • 11 resources to stabilize your life
  • thriving versus surviving
  • the difference between "getting by" and "getting ahead"
  • YOUR plan to get our of poverty