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19th Annual Beef Stocker Field Day - 9/20/18

Practical information and management tips to help you achieve greater flexibility and optimize your stocker operation in the evolving beef industry.  A barbeque brisket lunch will be served.  The day will conclude with a good old-fashioned prairie oyster fry.

Beef Stocker Field Day Program

REGISTER ONLINE HERE - Online Registration Deadline is 9/13/18 

Past Meetings & Events Information

Cow Herd Health Night - 1/29/18

Cattle Reproduction Workshop Series - 2/15/18

Beef Cattle AI Refresher - 3/29/18

Grazing Opportunities & Pasture Management 3/6/18

Stocker Cattle Health Night - 3/13/18

Tractor Safety Training (HOT Training) - 5/25/18

Utilizing Cover Crops as a Forage - 7/24/18