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Swine Day 2018 - 11/15/18

KSU Swine Day will bring together producers, allied industry professionals, faculty/staff and students to hear the latest research in the swine industry.  The trade show is an excellent opportunity for producers and vendors to interact.  Swine Day will be Thursday, November 15 at the K-State Alumni Center in Manhattan, KS.  Registration deadline is November 7, 2018. Cost is $25 per participant or onsite registration is $50.  For more information, please contact Animal Sciences and Industry at 785-532-1267.

KLA Convention and Trade Show - 11/28-30/18

The Kansas Livestock Association 106th Convention and 47th Trade Show will be held at Century II & Hyatt Regency in Wichita, KS.


Past Meetings & Events Information

Cow Herd Health Night - 1/29/18

Cattle Reproduction Workshop Series - 2/15/18

Beef Cattle AI Refresher - 3/29/18

Grazing Opportunities & Pasture Management 3/6/18

Stocker Cattle Health Night - 3/13/18

Tractor Safety Training (HOT Training) - 5/25/18

Utilizing Cover Crops as a Forage - 7/24/18

2018 Beef Stocker Field Day - 9/20/18

Old World Bluestem Meeting - 10/8/18