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Frontier District

Group Programs

Frontier District offers educational programs for local organizations and club meetings.  The following programs can be given anytime.  Groups interested in other foods and nutrition programs can suggest topics and work with Frontier District Extension agents to schedule programs.

Mindless Eating – There are forces at work that influence how much we eat.  A fun way to learn is exploring behavioral research from the Cornell Food and Brand Laboratory University under the guidance of Brian Wansink, Ph.D.

What does the color of your plate have to do with the amount of food you will eat?  Do we eat more when we are alone or with friends?  What influences how much we will eat?  The Food and Brand Laboratory has used an endless bowl of soup, MnMs, stale popcorn, plate colors, for their research.

Altering a Recipe for Health
– Ingredients have a roll in baked products.  How much sugar, salt or fat can you cut or reduce and have a nice baked product?  You might consider using flax seeds or chia seeds as a fat or egg replacement.

Sample muffins are used with this program so participants can see and taste products with flax and chia seeds.

Gluten Free – What does it mean, who should eat this way?
The “in” practice in eating today is eating gluten free foods.  What is gluten?  What foods have gluten?  Do you know the hidden sources of gluten?  We will look at different flours and ingredients needed to make quality baked products gluten free.

Soups On! Cooking with Squash – Do you know how many varieties of squash exist?  Is the funny looking “gourd” at the grocery store a gourd or a squash?  Can you identify the more common squash varieties in our area?  Recipes for sampling are also shared with this program.

Programs that Look at the Past and Women’s Roles

Redwork the Forgotten Quilt – Learn how the ability to dye cotton threads introduced redwork to the United States.  Look at early patterns that relate to what was happening in society.  Photos of redwork quilts are shown.  This is not a craft program.

Grandma What Did you do in the War? – Music and the roles that women played in World War II.  This is a nostalgic program that contrasts women’s roles in the past with their roles of today.  Who is Vargis and how did his art influence airplanes in World War ii?

Kansas Angels at Sunset – The 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote.  Kansas gave women the right to vote in 1912. The 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the State of Kansas was in 2012.  A look at some of the women who made a difference to the women’s movement; one quilt block at a time!